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VentiUp Fall Winter 2018

Farklı Olmak İçin, Fark yaratmak İçin !

BS is a fashion design brand , established by BİRCAN SİVRİKAYA in 2014. Soon after its start, it
attracted attention from the entire national fashion industry as well as fashion aficionados and
enthusiasts by breaking sales record at a local fashion show. Due to high demand from its customers
and a wide loyal fan base, the fashion brand opened its first showroom February 2015, in line with a
corporate growth strategy and business plan. In 2015, the brand opened its first in-house production
facility and its current location in İstinye.
In 2015 As a result of high demand in May, prepared Hijabs collection.and established SGB
ROSE brand opened it was second showroom in Levent Loft Residence. Hijab fashion magazines gave
wide coverage that collection also shared the magazine’s cover.
The customer and fan base grew rapidly in a short period of time and BS became the 64.000 followed
Modatrendikon Instagram account in Turkey as a fashion brand.
Brand was selling online , in a showroom and wholesale around of the Turkey.
VENTİUP brand was established September 2017 by Bircan SİVRİKAYA and Nişantaşı showroom opened.
The name of the Ventiup brand means twenty or more. It is meaningful in Italian and English.
Ventiup is to bring women who are more than twenty years old lux and high quality clothing to a
limited number of design products.
VENTİUP is a feminine woman who loves quality regardless of what style she wears in the world.
VENTIUP to make a difference to be different.
Welcome to the world of VENTİUP full of quality, style, diverse and designs.